There are six classes/workshops total in the online program.

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Copywriting/Body Copy/Radio

Art Direction/Layout

Digital Creative

Introductory Workshop, Intermediate Workshop, Advanced Workshop, Copywriting/Body Copy/Radio Workshop (this class is for writers only), Art Direction/Layout Workshop (this class is for Art Directors only) and coming soon, Digital Creative. Note: Our Digital Creative class is for both Copywriters and Art Directors but should not be taken until you have completed the Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced level online course here (or at least have taken advertising concept classes elsewhere where you received feedback on your ads).

Copywriters and Art Directors typically work as a team in the creative department at an ad agency (and occasionally in small groups), so the first three workshops are designed for both to learn how to come up with ideas and create attention-getting ads for a portfolio. We then have a class just for the Copywriters to learn how to write the body copy for their ads and also how to write award-winning radio spots. For Art Directors, we offer a course on layout, type style choices and designing your ads to catch attention.
(Art Directors note: you will need to know how to use design programs on your computer such as Photoshop, In Design, Illustrator, etc. We do not offer these courses, though many local colleges do).

Each class runs for a “semester” that goes for nine weeks. You will watch videos of our actual instructors teaching as well as view examples of the style of ad they are focusing on and in some cases can download examples to view at home while working on your assignments. You must complete and submit a week’s assignment before you will be able to move on to the next week. Once you have submitted your work to your provided instructor, you will wait for their feedback and then after the week has passed, move on to the following week. This is how we do it in our “live” classes because it is really important to be sure to spend enough time on each week’s assignment to get the most out of the workshops. There is no way to “rush” this process. Be sure that you are absorbing each style of ad we cover and understand why the sample ads we are showing are working well so that you can emulate them for your own ad ideas.

If your goal is to finish a portfolio, we advise that you complete the entire series of classes. Each class is designed to prepare you for the next. So any single class simply won’t be enough to be able to build the kind of portfolio you’ll need to get a job in today’s market. If you have never had any ad classes before (where you were given assignments and received critiques/feedback) then you should start with Introductory. Merely working at an ad agency won’t quality you to start at higher level classes and you will miss the foundation we teach in the Introductory course that prepares you for the rest of the classes. Please note: If you live anywhere near the Los Angeles area and can take classes in person we recommend that, but if you are taking our courses online due to distance or time constraints etc, we suggest that after completing all of our courses on this site, you consider taking our Teams class here in LA in person to get the experience of working with someone else as well as adding even more invaluable ads to your portfolio.


This course teaches the differences between ads that work and those that don’t and why. In this online course, you will learn from example ads and assignments that are designed to help you better understand the creative process and what makes an ad memorable and unique. By the end of this nine-week course, you will have an understanding of how the concept process works and a good start towards ads that stand out from the rest, which will prepare you for the Intermediate level class. Be sure to start here if you have had no other experience or courses in concept development for advertising. Working at an ad agency, even as an assistant in the Creative Department won’t be enough, as you really need hands-on experience to start in any other level.


The Intermediate Workshop takes it up a notch by introducing you to campaign work. During this nine-week online course, you will be shown various advertising print campaigns and given step-by-step instruction on how to create campaigns that generate attention. We will get into the strategy behind the campaigns and knowing your target. Because campaigns are an important part of building a portfolio, this class begins to really push and prepare you to do better advertising in an effort to continue to build your books.


By the time you reach the Advanced Workshop, you have been working hard on campaigns and along with the critiques you have been receiving from our instructors, have a full understanding of the concept process and what makes an ad strong. In this course, you will continue to build your portfolios with more campaign work, honing in even more on your target to make an emotional connection. The assignments in this nine-week online workshop are designed to push your thinking so that your ads really begin to cut through as you gain more pieces for your portfolio. Integrated campaigns, such as outdoor, social & digital and how they all work together will be explored. Example campaigns and exercises allow you to learn what kind of work is getting noticed so that you too can create the kinds of campaigns for your portfolio that will help you to land a great job.

Copywriting/Body Copy/Radio

This online workshop teaches writers how to focus on body copy for the ads in their portfolios. During this course, you will see examples of copy that sells, yet remains creative and interesting to read. You will get assignments that push you to write copy that makes your ads stand out. This course will also teach you how to write breakthrough radio commercials with exercises, sample scripts and actual radio spots for you to listen to. At the end of this nine-week online course, students will have the knowledge to take the ads that they have created from the other workshops and add body copy to their campaigns as well as create radio scripts to include in their portfolios.

Art Direction/Layout


This online workshop teaches Art Directors how to create attention-getting layouts from their ad campaigns for their portfolios. Students will learn how to decide whether to design a spread or single page ad, what type style/font to use, which visuals will work best in the layouts and all about balance and design for their ads. At the end of this nine-week course, students will come away with the knowledge to create finished pieces/campaigns for their portfolios.

Digital Creative

With so much advertising taking place online, this course teaches both Copywriters and Art Directors how to come up with ideas and ads in the interactive arena. With a solid foundation in creative thinking from the Introductory, Intermediate & Advanced courses, (we don’t recommend taking it until you have at least completed the Advanced course here online) in this workshop, you will learn how “big ideas” and technology play a collaborative role in the development of compelling digital advertising as you concept on assignments for display campaigns, branded microsites, rich media banners and harnessing the power of social media.