Live Classes in LA

If you live in the Los Angeles or surrounding areas, we highly recommend you attend our in-person workshops to be in a classroom environment and learn from other student work as well. Go to to sign up on that site and you will then receive an email when a new semester is starting. We teach four semesters a year, all are 9 weeks: Winter (mid to January), Spring (early April), Summer (late June) and Fall (late September) at various ad agencies in the LA area from 7-10pm one evening a week. All are taught by former Book Shop students now working professionals all the way up to Creative Director levels.

If you don’t live nearby, of course these online courses here on this site offer the best alternative. Either way, here’s to putting together a great portfolio and getting a job on the creative side of the ad biz!

Please note: Courses paid for on this site are to be taken on this site only and the fees cannot be transferred to our in-person courses (nor can courses signed up for and paid for on that site be transferred to our online courses here).