About Us

The Book Shop is co-owned by
Michael Whitlow, Founder, Creative Director/Copywriter
and Kimberley Craig, Creative Director/Copywriter.

Michael Whitlow

Mike started his advertising career in Chicago, then moved out west to Los Angeles where he has worked at some of the biggest ad agencies on accounts that include Honda, Arco, Toyota, Denny’s, California Lottery and Nike to name a few. Aside from teaching at The Book Shop, Mike is currently a Professor in the ad department at CSULB in Long Beach, California.

Kimberley Craig

Kim started as a Junior Copywriter on Taco Bell and Princess Cruises. Over the years she has worked at some of the biggest ad agencies on clients that include California Lottery, Neutrogena, Toyota, PUR Water, Zacky Farms, McDonalds, Surfrider Foundation, Western Digital, UCLA and many more. She is currently freelancing in the Los Angeles area and teaches at The Book Shop.

The Book Shop

We have been in existence now since 1988. We are currently located in Los Angeles and Orange County, California (and trying to get live classes going in NY!). If you live in Los Angeles (or nearby areas like Orange County), we highly recommend that you sign up to take our courses in person with our many professional instructors. Obviously being in a classroom environment enhances the learning experience. But if you simply live too far or attending in person is not possible, you can go through our online program here on this site. We are very proud of our success in the advertising industry with helping students build the kinds of portfolios that have allowed them to get jobs over the years at many advertising agencies in cities across America and beyond. In fact, we have helped hundreds of students over the years, many who are now working professionals in the field of advertising and related fields all the way up to Executive Creative Director levels! In these online courses, we will definitely give you all the tools you will need and then it will be up to you to build the shed (well, the portfolio in this case!) or to learn how to do great ads for your business. All of our teachers were former Book Shop students themselves now working professionals for many, many years.