Welcome to The Book Shop School for Ads Online Courses!

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to get a job on the creative side of the advertising business. Our online creative concept classes are intended for those interested in becoming Copywriters and Art Directors in the advertising field or for anyone who wants to learn how to create great advertising for their own business and beyond. These courses will help you to build a portfolio of ads (otherwise known as “your book”) so that you can go out and get a job at an ad agency, big or small. What we have learned about the creative process is that when you know how to do good print advertising, it easily translates to the various other mediums that you will be working on at an agency — such as TV commercials, digital creative ideas and social media ideas. It all comes from learning how to “think” about advertising in a creative way.

There are a number of advertising schools around the country these days and many can be quite expensive to attend. In both our online and Los Angeles area live classes, we offer rates that are far less than the cost of many of these advertising schools. Our students, who are now working professionals, often tell us that they found The Book Shop not only to be a great resource for putting together the kind of portfolio that landed them jobs, but also to be one of the most affordable ad schools around. We’d like to help you too!

We have structured this program so that each course builds on the next. So if you have no experience with creative concept ad classes (in other words, taking a marketing class in advertising won’t help you here, you need to have taken quite a few other concept ad classes where you received constructive feedback on ads) you will need to start with the Introductory level and after completing that course, sign up for the next and so on.

Note: If you live in the Los Angeles area we highly recommend you attend our in-person classes to learn from other student work as well. Go to www.thebookshopads.com to sign up there for those classes. If not, these online courses here offer the best alternative.

Professional Instructor Feedback On Your Ads!

We have professional Instructors from The Book Shop standing by to give you the kind of constructive critiques we give students in our “in person/live” classes. So once you finish a week’s lesson online, you will scan and submit your assignments via email for feedback from a teacher we will have assigned to you behind the scenes. (Don’t worry, we will explain in the videos you will be watching about how to draw up your ads in the courses. You will NOT need to do fancy computer renderings for this process.) Next, check your inbox for feedback for your week 1 assignment from your Book Shop Instructor. This will be your instructor for the entire current course you are in, and each week, you will submit your work to this teacher. For each separate course, you will be given a different instructor (i.e. – Intermediate, Advanced, etc.).

Once you submit your work each week, you will receive one email back from your instructor with comments/helpful tips on the ads you sent. Because time is limited just as it is in our in person courses, you won’t be able to continue a back and forth on that same assignment. After receiving your feedback, you will be able to learn from the comments and then move on to your next week. Week 9 of each course however, offers an opportunity to rework some of the assignments to resubmit to your Instructor for final feedback.

It is a good idea to read through this whole site before signing up so you can learn about us and our courses. Then you will be all ready to get a killer portfolio! So let’s get started!

I would not have a career without The Book Shop. I didn’t know the slightest thing about being a creative in the business when I started. With their help, I put together an award-winning portfolio that landed me my first job as a Copywriter. And they’ve been doing the same thing for people for over 20 years. Anyone interested in becoming an advertising Creative should definitely start there. I know I’d probably still be working in the Post Office if it wasn’t for them.
M. FolinoChief Creative Officer, CopywriterNike, Adidas, Playstation, Starbucks, Lexus, McDonald’s, Bud Light, VW, GE, MTV